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Shaevitz Kosher Handcrafted Angus Beef Sausage Products

Product Price Quantity
Jumbo All Beef Hot Dogs
4 per lb 2 lbs per package (8pc) $21.98
Regular Size All Beef Hot Dogs
8 per lb 2 lbs per package (16pc)
Shaevitz All Beef Salami Chubs
Approximately 2 - 2¼ lb chubs
$19.98 each
Shaevitz All Beef Dried Salami Chubs
Approximately 1 - 1⅓ lb each
$20.98 each
Shaevitz Salami Stix
1 lb packs
$17.99 / pack
Shaevitz Kishki **
1.75 lbs each
$12.98 each
Shaevitz Beef Chopped Liver **
1 lb packs
$11.98 / pack

Shaevitz Kosher Entrees and Appetizers

Fully cooked. Heat and serve.

Product Price Quantity
Lone Star BBQ Brisket
Smoked low and slow.
A Shaevitz Specialty!
1 lb. pack of sliced brisket with BBQ sauce
$26.95 each
Half Slab BBQ Beef Ribs
Basted in BBQ sauce. 3-4 bones per pack.
$20.98 each
Herb Roasted Whole Chicken
Seasoned with herbs and garlic.
$17.50 each
BBQ Whole Chicken
Roasted and basted with our BBQ sauce. $17.50 each
Fully Cooked Bone-In Half Turkey Breasts
Hardwood Smoked Turkey Breast
Brined and hickory smoked. Approximately 3 ¼ lbs $31.98 each
BBQ Turkey Breast
Roasted with our special BBQ sauce. Approximately 4 lbs $35.79 each
Oven Roasted Turkey Breast
Approximately 3 ¼ lbs $28.95 each
BBQ Hot Wing Drummettes **
10 pieces per pack. In microwaveable container.
$11.95 / pack
BBQ Chicken Wing Drummettes **
10 pieces per pack. In microwaveable container.
$11.95 / pack
Sweet & Sour Meat Balls **
12 pieces per order. Our family recipe. In microwaveable container. $14.98 / pack
“Mouthwatering Family Favorites”

Our Fabulous Homemade Soups, Sauces, and Chili

Frozen by the quart.

Product Price Quantity
Split Pea Soup $9.95
Sweet & Sour Cabbage $9.95
Lentil Soup $9.95
Mushroom Barley Soup $9.95
Beef Vegetable Soup $9.95
Minestrone Soup $9.95
Chicken Broth $9.95
Chicken Noodle $9.95
Chicken Matzo Ball
Italian Style Spaghetti Sauce with Beef $14.95
Beef Chili $14.98
Black Bean Chicken Chili $14.50
Beef Stew $16.98
Chicken Gumbo $14.98
** = Product is sold frozen